Bonsai Plant Care For Beginners

tải xuống (2) Bonsai is usually a tree or plant that has been kept smaller than its normal size. The technique to making a bonsai plant is to regularly prune the tree every spring and to repot it every two years. This is to maintain its size and health and what every bonsai expert does.
More Bonsai Plant Care Advice
When making a bonsai tree plant, make sure the pot you put it in is shallow and has more than one drain hole. The shallow pot showcases the plant better and also limits the growth of the plant while the drain holes keep the roots free from stagnant water and water rot.
In connection to watering the dwarf tree, the best bonsai plant care is to keep the soil moist and not dry. Moist does not mean soaked, it means the soil contains some water but has drained out due to the drain holes. If you keep water from the plant and ration it, it will be an unhealthy bonsai. Some plants do need more or less water than others, so it is better to check out what bonsai tree you have to be able to apply the bonsai plant care properly.
Other good bonsai plant care tips for beginners is to proportion your pot with regards to the bonsai tree. You must always keep in mind to center your tree in the pot. This does not mean to plant the trunk in the center but it means to assess the entire plant and make the spread of the branches and the leaves centered on the pot.

More bonsai plant care advice is to prune the roots of the tree and the crown at least every two years. This is to keep the roots from overcrowding and to keep them growing in the small pot. Pruning the crown or the leaves formation is in keeping to the aesthetic value of the bonsai plant.
Bonsai plant care for the winter season is to find ways to prevent your bonsai’s soil from freezing. Many bonsai trees are trees that can weather a winter. These hardy trees can withstand cold temperatures well but the miniature versions may have a hard time due to frozen soil that cannot provide enough moisture. The clay pots they are planted in might also break due to the cold.
Bonsai plant care for tropical bonsai plants or trees is to keep them indoors during the winter months to ensure they survive. These tropical trees cannot stand the cold weather and can die even if they are placed near a closed window during winter.

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