Indoor Bonsai Tree Care: How To Get Them Used To Being Indoors

images (11) Bonsai is the term used to describe miniaturized versions of several big trees. Bonsai trees are made by constant root and crown pruning and confining the plant in a container or pot. The practice of making bonsai originated from China and spread to Japan and other parts of the world. It is a very simple way of keeping plants that are supposed to be big, small and yet looking like old trees at the same time.
Understand The Need For Indoor Bonsai Tree Care
Before you bring in your bonsai, you need to be aware of indoor bonsai tree care so you will know what to do with it in the house. Bonsai trees are supposed to be grown outside but if you wish to put them inside you domicile then here is how.
For indoor bonsai tree care to be successful, you must provide adequate light which mimics the sun. All plants need sunlight to some degree; some trees do not need as much sunlight so you must be aware what kind of plant you have. You can also place the bonsai near a window to catch some rays but some trees might need more light than just the window light. Fluorescent lamps can provide adequate indoor bonsai tree care for at least 12 hours a day.
Tropical species which have been transformed into bonsai trees do not need as much indoor bonsai tree care as the other colder region trees. The tropical trees are used to humid temperatures so they can pretty much stand the temperatures in our houses even during the colder months. You should be careful not to place the tropical bonsai tree near the window during a cold night, even with the window closed.

Tropical bonsai trees will need a humid environment to successfully flourish. During the winter months, you might keep the bonsai away from the radiator and constantly mist the leaves to have a humid effect. You might also try to put the bonsai on a tray filled with water and small stones on which the pot is placed. The stones prevent the bonsai from being wet and the water acts as a humidifier as it evaporates trough the bonsai branches.
Indoor bonsai tree care may be tedious because the bonsai needs to be kept outside especially if the weather is good. Some people might even forget to tend their bonsai properly due to work schedule and other business events. Plants are not supposed to be kept indoors but if you must, practice good indoor bonsai tree care by following the suggestions above.

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