Heide-Park Soltau Resort 2009

Heide-Park Resort – Where Life Loops the Loop! Shoot down the Colossos, one of the largest wooden rollercoasters in the world, at 120 kilometres an hour, or experience the perilous adventures of pirates on the Lake Stage Whatever you desire, the adventurous Heide-Park Resort provides the whole family with innumerable opportunities for eventful days in the middle of 850000 square metres of wonderful park landscape. The picturesque landscape garden with its 45000 plants turns into a unique, brightly coloured carpet of petals in summer with some 50000 flowers and gives a visit to the park a very special flavour. Visitors to North Germanys largest theme park can choose between 50 attractions and shows. More than 40 rides provide entertainment ranging from the placid and mellow to the rich in tempo and breath-taking. Free-fall is given a brand new name with Scream, the largest gyro-drop tower in the world, where you plummet down into the depths like a rocket. Germanys first accelerator Desert Race shoots its riders from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds. Rollercoaster fans experience the world upside down on Limit, the suspended looping coaster, shoot down the Swiss Bob Ride as quick as an arrow, and admittedly experience a bit more of a wet ride when mountain rafting down the tumultuous mountain river. Children experience the Pixie Town Train, the Red Baron or Monza Race Track with bright eyes, and look forward to the Spencer and his Friends show, or get PRESS INFORMATION really

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