How To Create Bonsai Trees To Decorate Your Home

images (10) Grown bonsai trees can be quite expensive. If you are planning to use bonsai plants to decorate your home, you might as well create your own bonsai trees to save a lot of money. It is not really very difficult to create your own bonsai trees. What is needed are some good species of trees, some nice pots and lot of patience. What do you need patience for? Well, growing bonsai plants can be quite trying at times and if you do not have much patience or if you are always in a hurry to get somewhere, you might as well forget about growing your own bonsai trees.
Getting Started Growing Your Own
The first thing that you need to do if you want to grow bonsai trees is to select tree species. When selecting tree species, you need to take into considerations your geographical location. Note that different geographical locations have varying weather conditions thus if you want to grow some bonsai plants, you need to choose plants that can adapt easily to the weather conditions of your location. For best results, find tree species that are endemic in your area. Exotic species of trees may be good but may not really grow well in your area.
Another thing that you will need to consider when growing your own bonsai trees is the size of your tree. Always remember that bonsai trees come in different sizes. For instance, if you want a bonsai tree that will fit nicely on top of your coffee table, select a small tree. Once you have an idea of how big you want your bonsai plant to be, go to a nursery or bonsai shop and find the suitable tree. If you cannot find a nursery or bonsai shop in your locality, you just have to do things the old fashion way and start from the very beginning. When we say start from the very beginning, it means that you find some seeds of your favorite tree and plant the seeds in seed bags. Once the seedlings start to grow, you may get your seedlings ready to be transferred to pots.

Transferring the seedlings into small pots can be quite tricky. You will need to remove most of the roots of the plants for it to fit into the small pot. You should be very careful when cutting away the roots of the plants because this could cause the plant to die. Before putting the bonsai plant into the pot, put some wires into the root systems of the plant to help it fit into your pot. When putting your bonsai tree on the pot, make sure that you put just enough soil in the pot to cover the roots of the plant and help it to retain moisture. Do not add too much soil into the pot.

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