Mini Bonsai

Creating different styles
Creating miniatures is a hobby by itself. In fact it’s a collection hobby. There are so many different styles you can create. Even though it’s small there is no limit to your creations except to your iminagination. You can imitate the traditional styles such as formal, informal, cascading and so on. Or you can even create some fancy artistic styles.

Mini bonsai – less than 4 inches tall







These are mini bonsai of less than 4 inches in height.

Micro bonsai
Wrightia is ideal for creating miniatures as the leaves are small. With restraining techniques it can be reduced even smaller to create micro bonsai. (less than 2 inches in height.)

These are mini micro bonsai of 1” in height. Still under development.

micro bonsai – less than 2 inches tall

These are micro bonsai of less than 2 inches in height.

Mini pot collection
Another interesting aspect about miniature bonsai is collecting mini pots. These dainty little pots are beautiful and are great for display. They come in various shapes, designs and colours.

These cute little mini pots are one to 2 inches tall. They are great for collection and also for display.

mini bonsai pots





Great for outdoor or indoor display
Mini bonsai are great for indoor or  outdoor display, on the patio, windowsill or even on your office desktop. Or you can even decorate your little garden.

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