Wrightia Bonsai – Basic Care (part 2)

Wiring – shaping your tree

Occasionally, you might need to shape or reshape your bonsai. You can use either copper or aluminum wires to shape the trunk or branch.

Trunk wiring

wiring            bending

Branch wiring

wiring           bending

Use the ideal wire thickness, anchor one end round the trunk or branch and wind it round diagonally. Next, leave the wire on branch or trunk for 2 weeks and then gradually bend the trunk or branch it a little at a time until you are happy with the shape.

Soil Mixture

Generally it is necessary to repot your plant at least once a year. This will provide the plant with space to grow and help to rejunivate new growth.

baked earth

organic compost

When repotting prepare some soil mixture preferably with 60% of baked earth and 40% of organic compost (mixture of decaying vegetation) Mixed it thoroughly.

Feeding your plant

add a little fertiliser only

A small bonsai needs very little fertiliser. Do not over feed it. Most small bonsai are killed by over feeding.

Depending on the size of the tree, just add a few granules or grains of fertiliser once every month or two.


To promote growth, repot your plant at least once a year or when you notice that the top soil has hardened or when the water drainage is poor.

remove old soil

trim off some dead roots

add new soil mixture

How to repot your plant?

How to remove the plant from the pot? Use a flat bamboo and dig around the inside edge of the pot, tilt the pot upside down and gently shake the plant out. Remove some old soil and trim away some bottom roots.
Next, place your plant back in the empty pot and add the newly mixed soil around the plant and firmly pressed it down.
Water the plant thoroughly and place it in a shady place for at least three weeks before exposing it to direct sunlight.

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