Wrightia Bonsai – Basic Care (part 1)

How to take care of your bonsai?

Taking care of your bonsai is a an easy task of following some simple gardening routines. Wrightia is very hardy and does not require special attention. What you need to remember is that, a bonsai is a living thing, just like a normal tree or plant. Therefore it has basic needs like water, sunlight and care.
Here are some brief gardening guidelines that will help to keep your plant healthy and beautiful.

Watering your plant daily


Water your plant at least once or twice a day. Wrightia loves water. If you are too busy or unable to water it, as a temporary measure you can place it in a container filled with water.


Direct sunlight

Give your plant as much sunlight as you can.

Plants need sunlight to produce food through the process of photosynthesis therefore, place you plant outdoor to receive as much direct sunlight as possible. If you intend to keep it indoor it must not be for a prolong period. Or have two plants and alternate it one indoor and the other outdoor.



Trim away unwanted leaves sticking out of your plant’s original shape.

Every few weeks or months it is a good exercise to trim your plant back into it’s original shape. As time goes by new leaves and branches will grow wildly and your bonsai will look untidy and bushy. Regular pruning will keep your bonsai back in shape.

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