How to take care of a Bonsai #2

images (4) 3. Where do I keep my Bonsai?

Your Bonsai will love to live in the warmth and in the light. It likes to be where the people are, where the life is. If you put it somewhere lonesome and dark, the leaves will fall out. In the summer you can have it stand outside on your garden table, but keep it inside in the wintertime. It cannot withstand frost, wind, draught and direct sunlight. Do protect it from extremities and do not let the surrounding temperature drop below fifteen degrees Celsius.

4. How do I recognise mistakes I might make, and how would I restore them?

You will find out soon enough whether you have chosen an adequate location for your Bonsai. Some of them prefer to live outside, some of them need to be indoors, some cannot withstand to sit in the shade for too long, others will burn from the direct light of the sun. Be careful with draught, for Bonsai is quite sensitive to wind. Keep your Take-a-way Bonsai inside in your living room or in the half-light of your bedroom.

Both cold and heat can be dangerous to your Bonsai. Your miniature tree feeds on light, but cannot stand sitting in the free falling sunshine. If it gets extremely hot in the summer and your Bonsai lives in a tiny plate where it cannot absorb much water and loses much of its water through evaporation, you will have to water it up to two times a day. In the winter your Bonsai will not need much water, and you will have to be careful with giving an abundance of water, which could cause the root system to start rotting.

If you take good care of your Bonsai, it will not be likely to develop diseases. Still, it is always possible that aphids nest on the Bonsai leaves. The best thing to do is to ask an expert to look at your Bonsai. You could use ordinary pesticides but make certain that you use small amounts, half of what you would use for other types of house plants.

5. How do I make sure my Bonsai retains its aesthetic qualities?

Naturally you want your Bonsai to grow up beautifully. If you observe the above advice on how to take good care of your miniature tree, it will grow up to become your unique, radiant and alive work of art. You can trim your Bonsai anywhere between March and August. If you add some compost to the soil and add some fertiliser to the pour water, it will be likely to retain its shape, size and beauty.

In short
If you give your Bonsai all of the special attention it deserves, it will grow up to become a true and personal work of art.
Bonsai will preserve the size and condition in which you have found it, as long as you nourish and care for it.

Bonsai likes to live on a light and sunny spot, but will have to be protected against the direct light of the sun.

Do not let temperatures drop far below 15ºC, for Bonsai is sensitive to cold. .

The soil on which your Bonsai lives should be kept moist from March to October. In wintertime, be careful not to overwater your Bonsai.

Feed your Bonsai with fertiliser at least once a year, or add compost to its soil. .

Your Bonsai was brought up in the Far East and cared for by Asian experts. They advise you to cut your Bonsai’s leaves and branches somewhere between March and August to keep it fit and fresh.

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