How To Take Care Of The New Bonsai Tree You’re Buying

Once you have decided that a Bonsai tree is for you, there are a few considerations to think about before making the purchase and commitment. You need to decide if the tree is going to be in the out of doors or if it will be part of your indoor space, as well as what kind of Bonsai tree you want. These considerations are important because new Bonsai tree care will be different depending on the type of tree you buy, and where it will be living. When buying a Bonsai tree it is also important to understand that what you are buying is not a house plant but a tree that will require a dormant period each year, as well as regular pruning.

Make Your Bonsai Looks Like This. Simple Tips

Make Your Bonsai Looks Like This With Simple Tips

All new Bonsai tree care requires routine maintenance that pays particular attention to detail. This is one of the reasons that the new Bonsai tree care person must have done some solid planning ahead of time and is committed to patience. New Bonsai tree care is constant and very time consuming.

Before purchasing a Bonsai tree, your climate should be taken into consideration. A tree whose growth and climate zone is a match for your climate will be healthier and will have an easier time. You will also want to make sure that you know your species of tree and that you bring home the right species care pamphlet. While care of individual species will vary, there are three requirements that all trees must have; a good area or pot, soil and water.

When buying a Bonsai tree pot for indoors, it is typical to have a pot that is approximately two thirds the width as the tree is high and the depth of the pot should be at least half the height of the tree. Some care should be put into the pot you purchase for your tree; one that it is ecstatically pleasing to you so that you are not trying to re-pot your tree more than you need to or the tree will become ill.

When buying soil for your tree it must be able to hold moisture and not become compacted. There are special soils that should be purchased when buying a Bonsai tree that are important to new Bonsai tree care. The top soil around a tree, or what you have in a pot, is of vital importance because this is how the tree gets its nutrients. Soils contain special elements and minerals that are balanced for your tree.

For example, some soils contain peat, pine bark and clay aggregate. Discuss the soil needs and your choices with a professional and purchase it when buying a Bonsai tree. Once you have your pot and the right soil, you need to provide your tree with water. It should be noted and kept in mind that two extremes often happen when watering a Bonsai tree, one being over-watering and the second being under-watering.

The results of both of these extremes are the same; a sick or dead tree. Different soils hold water in different ways. Some dry out quickly and others become muddy. With new Bonsai tree care you need to find a medium between the two so that the soil will always remain damp between watering times. Buying a Bonsai tree and new Bonsai tree care go hand in hand and should be well prepared for.

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