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  1. hey great vid,i ive got a few questions though..
    what is gel water?,
    and why cant you just leave the eggs open in the tank to hatch.. why did you have to enclose and seperate them?…
    and when they hatched why did you still keep them seperate?

  2. I am the proud mommy to a few thousand crickets! THANKS! I spoke with a cricket ranch owner and she had me make one change: cat food has pesticides so use corn meal, chicken scratch, or dog food. And, male crickets have to tell females when to lay eggs so , make sure your males are chirping happily 🙂 Now, what to do with all these cricket babies………..

  3. when the crickets lay the eggs are they even seeable becuase i cant see the eggs when my crickets lay them :

  4. Hey how much are crickets in pet stores? I am debating if I should take the time to do everything you said or just go buy ’em 🙂

  5. cole i am gonna try this so i just go out and buy a bag of dirt and then put it in a littlething and mist it when it gets dry and how long do i leaveit in the cage for ,for them to lay >?

  6. im confused on what im doing wrong with mine….. buz its been like a week and theyre just not laying the damn eggs

  7. wait so you put the cup of dirt in the cricket tank with no lid then they lay eggs, then you take it out and put the lid on

  8. the crickets i just left in my laundry room. the eggs and babys need to be in a warm place in order to incubate them.

    ps. this is my other youtube account everyone. dont subscribe to this one im just lettin you know.

  9. Thanks! I’m gonna breed crickets. So basically leave the crickets in a warm place near the light, right?

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