Pomegranate Bonsai Tree Care Article

images All sorts of flowering bonsai plants can be developed from seeds or cuttings and also from young trees. Like all plants, flowering bonsai plants need careful feeding, watering pruning and training at regular intervals so that they can grow healthy. They usually are grown in small containers which helps to get a desired shape by the application of wire coils.
When you are going to buy a flowering bonsai there are three main aspects to consider;
The type of container
The position that the plant will occupy in the container
The choice of the plant type variety.
Four Sizes Of Flowering Bonsai
Flowering bonsai come in four main sizes, miniature, samll, medium and average size.There are four main sizes of flowering bonsai. Miniature bonsai grow to around two inches in height and will usually achieve this within two years. Small bonsai grow to two to six inches in height will take from five to ten years to mature, whereas medium bonsai grow to six to twelve inches in height and will reach their full potential more quickly in around three years. Average sized flowering bonsai grow to approximately two feet, and are also reach full potential within three years.
The Two Basic Styles Of Growing Flowering Bonsai Plants
The informal style, which is sometimes also known as comic and bunkin is the opposite of the classic style and has the top end wider than the bottom. The classic style, which sometimes is known as koten has a wider trunk at the base and as it gets towards the top becomes thinner.
Some Popular Flowering Bonsai Trees
Mt. Fuji Serissa – is known for its white colorings on the outer edges of the leaves. In the summer it blooms a single white flower and likes lots of warmth and sun so should be put in a correct spot in a garden. In case of watering make sure that the soil is dry before watering is commenced.
Flowering Quince – This comes from Asian countries and has a display of white and red flowers on bare branches. It is a world favourite and the leaves have tiny teeth and flowers grow in tight clusters. It produces green and yellow fruits and may be tough, but needs a lot of sunlight and soil that is well-drained between watering. Be careful not to over water.
Okinawa Holly – This has small pink flowers that bloom during spring and summer. It is tough, but grows best in temperatures between 60 and 85 degrees. For maintenance, it is best to be spray misted everyday from spring to fall and at least twice a day in winter.

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