Effective Steps To Make a Bonsai

images (13) Bonsai is a product of a man’s effort and creativity to make a miniature tree. Everyone has the capacity to make a bonsai tree as long as you give enough time to care and maintain for it. Miniature tree originated from China, and the Japanese enhanced the ways and techniques on how to grow it flourishingly and artistically.
As you make your own bonsai, you can make it as a good display indoors or outdoors. You can even give it to friends and people you know for special occasions because they can be very nice gifts. You can make a bonsai from the following methods:
• Growing a miniature plant from seeds is one way in making your own little tree. But you should make sure that the seeds are viable by submerging them into a container or bowl full of water for about 48 hours. If the seeds have remained at the bottom of the container, it means that they are viable.
• You can also make a bonsai from a growing part of the plant. You just have to cut off the growing part. The cutting will be placed in a medium that will support the growth of new roots.
• Air-layering is another method where you can start propagating a miniature tree. You just have to promote the growth of roots from a part of the plant or a branch maybe, while it is still attached to its mother plant. After the roots have developed, you can now transfer it to a new pot where it can grow and you will maintain it as a miniature tree.
• You can also collect trees from the wild, yards, or from a garden. You just have to transfer it into a new container for miniature tree and then apply techniques necessary for developing a miniature tree.
You can be successful to make a bonsai on your own by following the techniques required in propagating a bonsai tree. Here are some of the techniques:
• Leaf trimming
• Root Pruning and Repotting
• Wiring
• Deadwood
• Defoliation
You have to consider also the needs of the little tree species you are growing, so that you will be successful in making a miniature tree. Here are some steps that you can use to make a bonsai flourishingly:
• Provide enough sunlight. You should allow your miniature tree to get morning sunlight and provide afternoon shade so that it will not be exposed from the harsh midday and afternoon sunlight.
• You should use a container for miniature tree that has drainage holes because this will help in expelling out excess water inside the bonsai container.
• Maintain proper moisture so that the bonsai will not be dehydrated. You can use a watering can that has fine nozzle so that water will be delivered thoroughly to the root system. You can be sure that water has reached the roots when it will flow out from the drainage holes of the bonsai container or pot.
• Use a good soil mixture that will hold enough moisture and that has good drainage. You can make your own soil mixture or you can purchase from garden centers and plant nursery.

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