Tips on How You Can Make a Bonsai by Yourself

images (12) A miniature tree is such a beautiful form of art, but it is unique because its main subject is a living tree. You can make a little tree even though you are just a beginner in the propagation of miniature trees. There are a variety of tree species available that are suitable to be cultivated as a miniature tree. There are tree species that can bear flowers and fruits, and some do not. You just have to choose what variety of tree you want to make as bonsai.
Bonsai is a miniature tree grown in a tray or bonsai container. The tree species used in miniature tree is just like any ordinary tree found anywhere, but there are specific tree species that can be propagated as bonsai because other tree species cannot be grown as a miniature tree. There are different methods on how you can make a bonsai, and here are some of them:
1) Seeds. If you want to make a bonsai from scratch, you can start it from tree seeds. The first thing you need to do is to maintain its freshness, especially if you are not ready yet in sowing them. You have to place the seeds inside the plastic bag and store it inside the refrigerator with a temperature of about 5 degree Celsius. When you are ready, you can now get them, and soak them in a bowl of water for 48 hours. The floating seeds shall be discarded, and the seeds that remained deep down the water are viable, so they can proceed with the germination process. After the germination has done, the seeds are ready for sowing in the ground or in a bonsai pot.
2) Cuttings. You can make a bonsai from taking cuttings. The cutting is usually from a part of a growing plant. Then, you take a cut from it and you will place it on a growing medium to support the development of the roots.
3) Collecting from the wild, yards, or gardens. Another option for you to make a bonsai is through collecting trees from the wild, yards, or gardens. The tree should not be too big, but just enough so that you can perform the techniques used in making a bonsai tree.
You must take good care of your growing miniature tree. Here are some tips that will help you make a bonsai successfully:
1) Use a pot for your little tree that has drainage holes, and use a soil mixture that can hold enough moisture and can drain excess amounts of water.
2) Expose them under morning sunlight because the light is just perfect for your growing and developing miniature tree.
3) Water your bonsai whenever necessary. Maintain proper moisture and do not allow extended periods of dryness because it can lead to dehydration, which can be very fatal to the miniature tree.
4) Feed your miniature tree with a high quality of fertilizer. The fertilizer will provide essential nutrients for your growing miniature plant, and it is highly recommended that you give fertilizer during the springtime to support your little tree while it grows in a faster rate.

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