How To Grow A Bonsai Tree From Bonsai Seeds

images (10) Propagating bonsai trees will need your patience, effort, and creativity. One of the ways on how you can propagate bonsai trees is through growing bonsai seeds. Bonsai seeds are available in garden centers, nursery, and online stores. Every bonsai seedling species has its own necessities to grow in the right manner. Here are some basic things you need to know about propagating a miniature tree from bonsai seedlings:
1) Choose a bonsai seedlings species. There are a lot of tree seedlings available that you can develop as a bonsai tree, and you need to choose a species that can fit your level in bonsai cultivation. You can ask a bonsai enthusiast of what bonsai seedling species will fit you, most especially if you are still starting out. There are tree species that requires little care and maintenance and some species may demand more time and effort in the supplication of its needs and nutrients, and its maintenance.
2) Inquire about the necessary specifications of your bonsai seeds. There are more or less 250 species of bonsai seedlings. Thus, it is very important that you need to know what species of bonsai seeds you are growing, and the necessary requirements it need to grow and develop well as a bonsai tree. You need to know about how is it planted, the right soil, appropriate fertilizer and how is it applied, proper lightings, how much water it needs, and other techniques that you need to perform for its maintenance.
3) Keep your bonsai seeds fresh. It is very necessary that you maintain their freshness so that it will germinate properly. You can place the seeds in a plastic bag, and then refrigerate it with a temperature of 5 to 6 degree Celsius. Then, label it so that you will not forget the species of the bonsai seeds. You can get it from the refrigerator as long as you are ready to plant it.
4) Select the right type of soil. As soon as you have decided what type of bonsai seedlings species you want to grow, you need to identify what type of soil is suitable for your that specific species. It is recommended that you use the appropriate type of soil for that particular species because this will be the medium where seeds will grow, thus it is essential that they will be well-suited to each other. You should make sure that the soil can hold adequate moisture and has good drainage qualities.
5) Allow your bonsai seedlings to germinate. Once you are ready with your seeds and soil, you can start the process of germination. You can choose whether to use natural germination or forced germination. Natural germination is the process wherein you allow nature to takes its course in scarification and stratification process of your bonsai seeds. You just have to plant the seeds in a soil suitable for your bonsai seedlings during the autumn season. Forced germination involves artificially achieving the scarification and stratification process. The processes done in forced germination depends primarily on what type of species your bonsai seeds belong.

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