How to Display Bonsai

How to Display Bonsai

Display Bonsai

Display Bonsai

The way your bonsai are displayed is as important as their pots, the types of trees and the styles of the trees. The exact secret for adding to their beauty by the setting they live in is just as elusive as the art of bonsai itself.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Finished Shelves
  • Display Shelves And Stands
  • Garden Benches
  1. Try your bonsai in different locations around your house – both indoors and out if the weather and space permit. A single display on a window ledge or the sunny spot on a bookshelf may be just the thing to give a room elegance and a personal, lived-in touch.

  2. Put a redwood or bamboo shelf unit in a quiet, reflective room that offers light and air for a grouped display of all your creations that can create an indoor-garden effect.

  3. Turn the entry hall of your home into a formal walk-through of bonsai that gives a warm and yet highly stylized feel to set the tone for the whole house.

  4. Make a patio or deck into a nature-viewing area that provides guests and family members hours of pleasure and quiet serenity. Railings, benches and plant stands can be used to show off your works of living art.

  5. Display the bonsai on all types of stands or focal points. The same rules that apply to pot textures, materials and colors also apply to possible plant stands ‘ wood, metal, stone and any combination could work in different settings and with the right bonsai.

  6. Remember that bonsai are a product of the artist and the statement you choose to make is uniquely your own just as with paints or clay or any artistic medium.

  7. Switch your bonsai positions often to change the look and feel of the space they occupy.

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