How to Care for a Japanese Zelcova Bonsai

tải xuống (3) The Japanese Zelkova bonsai tree is, like all bonsai trees, small, delicate, and quite striking to look at. Despite being native to Western Asia, the Zelkova resembles an American or English elm tree, with smooth bark and frazzled branches. They are mostly disease free and are fairly hardy as far as bonsai plants go.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Bonsai fertilizer
  • Water
  • Bonsai Shears
  1. Position the Zelkova in a place where it can receive up to three hours of direct sunlight a day. Though they grow in cool climates, Zelkovas still need to soak in some sunlight.

  2. Give your Japanese Zelkova fertilizer, approximately every three weeks. Bonsai fertilizer is milder and more appropriate for a bonsai’s tiny roots, which can burn easily from the chemicals in fertlizers made for full grown trees. Use a bonsai fertilizer that is rich with nitrogen and potassium to promote new leaf growth.

  3. Water your lightly and infrequently, keeping soil moist but not drenched. Give your Zelcova is deep watering every week and a half with two or three glasses of water.

  4. Use your bonsai shears to prune your Japanese Zelkova. The most classic look for a Zelkova is a "brush," which looks like a large crown on top of the trunk. Clip away most of the leaves and be careful not to break off the tender branches. Summer is the best time to prune.


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