Growing bonsai trees

images (10) Bonsai is an artistic representation of a natural tree, a harmonious effigy of the nature. In modern Japan bonsai is still highly respected as a symbol of their culture and ideals. The procedure for new year is perfect only when tokonoma , a special niche provides in every Japanese home which is planned for putting up of decorations and prized possessions with a blossoming apricot tree or plum-tree. Nowadays in Japan bonsai is not left any more only to the upper class, but has asserted itself in all social classes.

Japanese incline especially with pleasure to use only native species for their bonsai trees. In particular pines, azaleas and maple are looked as the traditional bonsai trees. In other countries people are not fixed thus and uses also many other tree species for growing bonsai. Thus trees grow up in the whole world under the most different climatic conditions bonsai in full foliage splendour.

Particularly in last decades the development of the bonsai has done astonishing progress. The bonsai world has become smaller, everywhere people have whether in Asia, in Europe, in the United States and even in Greenland, bonsai discovers as their hobby. In the meantime, bonsai art also reflected the great variety in predilections and characteristics of the most different countries and their cultures. All bonsai technologies like the breeding of trees from seed or cuttings, the styling and transplanting develop on and on.

With proper care bonsai trees can become hundreds of years old. Such highly respected specimens are transmitted from generation to generation and are admired for their age and revered. The ageing of the bonsai trees is often connected also with the events in the life that have looked in the course of the centuries after them. Such old bonsai are extremly beautiful. Nevertheless, with the bonsai tree the age not comes first, but the caring bonsai for years away and the developing of the knowledge about the tree. It is most important that a bonsai tree can generate his desired artistic effect and grows up in the right proportion to the suitable container, so that the tree can develop with good health.

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