Best bonsai growing outdoor

images (1) Best of all a bonsai growths in the free nature

The strongest growth will be achieved if you transplant the tree for some years outdoor in the free nature. In the earth surrounding it finds a lot of water and mineral nutriments than in the restricting bonsai pot. So that, however, the roots form furthermore a compact bale, the tree must become regularly with a sharp spade overedge. Thus the roots which have far grown out are cut. With it the tree is building more fine roots by the trunk. Besides, becomes in a circle overedged which corresponds possibly to the expansion of the furthermost branches. At the end of August is the best time for overedging a tree. Up to the beginning of the autumn the tree has the chance to heal the wounds in the roots and to begin with the growth of new, fine roots.

Also the shaping of the branches is carried out furthermore in the free nature. Also all the other routine works like cutting, thining out and wiring are carried out in such a way, as if the tree was furthermore in its bonsai pot. While growing outdoors you should renounce merely the sheet cut.

If the tree has reached the desired thickness after some years, in the spring you should digg out it carefully after the swel

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