Garden Landscaping in Sussex

The South Eastern counties of England, including Sussex and Kent, get the most sunshine of anywhere else in the British Isles. Where better than here to enjoy a beautifully landscaped garden? Here, I present you with 5 easy tips to get and keep your garden looking perfectly landscaped.

Research: Sussex is the perfect base to do some research. There are dozens of beautiful public gardens scattered throughout the county each following a distinct style. Enjoy a day visiting a number of these gardens to collect ideas. Make a note of what you like and dislike and think of ways you can incorporate these things into your own garden. Try and take elements from each of the gardens so your design is distinctively unique.

Colour Schemes: Don’t think of colours in isolation; instead, think of how the colour of a certain section of your garden contributes to the overall appearance of your garden. Colour should flow around the garden, and is much more attractive doing so, than a blue clump over here, a red clump over there and a green clump over there in the corner behind the fountain.

Wildlife: How you landscape your garden will affect the wildlife that it attracts. Butterflies are a beautiful sight, and Sussex has over 45 different species of butterflies, but they won’t come unless the conditions are right. Caterpillar food is the key ingredient, and there must be food for all stages of their development. Adult butterflies need nectar and are attracted to brightly coloured flowers. Like birds? Get a bird feeder. Don’t like bears? Don’t grow sandwiches. These points may seem obvious but you will be amazed how often they are overlooked. Rarely does a day go by when I don’t hear of an avid garden landscapers beloved rose patch getting trampled by a polar bear.

Water: People are naturally drawn to water, it is ingrained in all of us. We feel a sense of calm around it. Ask yourself, why do you go to costal or lakeside destinations on your holidays or days out? You see! Adding a water feature can do wonders for your garden and can even be a factor in you spending more time enjoying your landscaping. There are a huge number of options when selecting a water feature for your garden. You could have something as simple as a small fountain or go for something more extravagant with a large Koi pond, hot tub or swimming pool.

Rocks: Rocks can be an excellent addition to your landscaped garden. Their low maintenance makes them an even more attractive proposition. Rocks can be laid purely for decoration or you could turn them into a practical feature such as a seating area or bird table.

The number of options for you to landscape your garden are huge and I can’t emphasise enough the first tip, research. Get out there and research your garden. Take note of what you like and what you don’t like, you will be amazed how beautiful your garden can be.

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