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How to Care for Pueblan Milk Snakes : How to Breed Pueblan Milk Snakes

Learn how to breed Pueblan Milk Snakes with expert tips on snakes and reptiles in this free pet care video clip. Expert: Brian Kleinman Contact: www.riversidereptiles.com/ Bio: Brian Kleinman, is the owner and operator of Riverside Reptiles, an educational company. He have been working with amphibians and reptiles animals for over twenty years. Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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11 thoughts on “How to Care for Pueblan Milk Snakes : How to Breed Pueblan Milk Snakes

  1. NEFFKiiD


  2. haxalot076

    looks like a sinaloan milk

  3. GemWoody

    this isnt a pueblan!!

  4. Sept1cBanana1

    wow, no1 commented in a while
    thnx i rly want a milk snake

  5. cutpopopopop1

    wot about rat snake

  6. BryceHolmgren

    no the milk snake will eat it

  7. zigd8

    ya man

  8. kondro86

    no, the milksnake might eat the ratsnake

  9. haroldlhill

    i have a grey rat snake can it live in a 20gallon tank with a milk snake???

  10. harimaugoblok

    Excellent Videos! Thanks.

  11. crazy6omen

    do pueblans and nelsons exceed 3 feet in length normally ?

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