For the Newbie: 5 Proven Tips on How to Care For a Bonsai Tree Successfully, bonsai trees thrive outdoors; however, as people’s appreciation grew towards these miniature trees, more families have preferred bonsai trees to decorate their homes rather than putting up expensive paintings on the wall. With bonsai trees, it’s like bringing nature’s bounty right inside the living room. As “green is in” movements across America and other countries are picking momentum, more and more people are scouring the web for information on how they can plant their own bonsai, either as a hobby or potential business.

For newbie bonsai enthusiasts, these 5 steps have worked successfully among bonsai-lovers before you; wherever you place your bonsai- indoors or outdoors – these 5 tips are like “set in stone” that will make a difference on how you care for a bonsai tree, even as a newbie:

1. Go easy with fertilizers; too much of a good thing is poison.

2. Water is always good, but most bonsai trees do not survive in wet environment. Keep the soil moist – not wet – at all times.

3. Make pruning a regular activity. As a child grows, discipline should not depart from him. It has to be constant. Pruning bonsai trees is like training a child. It starts when it is small and has to be done consistently in order to maintain its shape.

4. Make cleanliness the order of the day – everyday. Bonsai trees cannot thwart plant diseases as effectively as ordinary plants would, due to their type of environment. Keep their containers free from dead leaves and weeds to protect them from fungal attack.

5. When roots of your bonsai tree have outgrown the container, as in time they would, repotting may be necessary. Repotting is also highly recommended to maintain the healthy growth of your bonsai as it can now derive more nutrients and minerals from its new soil mixture in the pot. Most successful bonsai enthusiasts do this every couple of years. Don’t forget to prune the roots of your bonsai, lest you defeat the purpose of finding it a new pot.

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