5 Secrets of Bonsai Tree Planting Revealed, Part I : Pruning


Having a “green thumb” is not one of these 5 well-kept secrets!

Contrary to what many people have believed all these years regarding the “green-thumb” myth, which makes everyone who has it successful on all things horticulture, planting bonsai trees successfully is NOT for every Jane or Joe.

Growing bonsai is science on its own. It demands calculated steps, close attention to the needs of the plant and constant TLC (tender, loving care) to make bonsai thrive.

Bonsai is generally considered an art form due to its size and appearance, however unknown to many it can only remain and look that way when it is constantly cared for under special conditions. When left unattended, a bonsai tree can outgrow its miniature size and become a “normal” tree again.

There are 5 secrets to successful Bonsai Tree Planting that only a serious hobbyist or Bonsai enthusiast, in modern parlance, knows about. One of these secrets is pruning.

To contain the tree’s growth to miniature size, pruning is done on its roots. This method involves removal of the roots, and in its place new roots will sprout.Doing this regularly for at least once a year, the tree is maintained at its miniature height. Conversely, if pruning is not performed, the tree will continue to grow to its normal height, lose its Bonsai-look and appeal. All your investment – time, money and effort – in Bonsai planting will all go to waste.

Although the main purpose of root pruning is to maintain the tree’s growth to miniature size, the method is also highly advantageous to ensure that the tree grows healthy, despite its “containerized” environment.

Bonsai tree planting does not eliminate the tree’s other natural processes like flowering and bearing fruits. It’s utterly amazing to see miniature varieties of trees bear fruits on their branches as they sit on lovely containers at home.Root pruning makes this possible.

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