Care of Bonsai Trees: 3 Major Reasons why it is best to Purchase Bonsai Trees from Local Nurseries


(Part II, “5 Secrets on Successful Bonsai Tree Planting Revealed”)

Not all Bonsai trees can grow indoors; this is a fact that not all bonsai dealers would want you to know!

Bonsai tree growing may be considered an art, but it is not a form of art imitating life; it is life itself. What you will plant is a normally-growing tree or shrub that will undergo its natural processes of bearing flowers and fruits, according to seasons, but only on a pot where it is planted. As such, it would need sunlight, wind, and all environmental factors necessary for its growth.When confined indoors, some tree species would simply perish while others may last for a couple of months, but eventually will not survive as long as their normally-growing varieties would do, under normal conditions.

Bonsai dealers who are out to make a fast buck would not inform a newbie Bonsai enthusiast, until it is too late. This is why it is advised that before you venture into the hobby of bonsai tree growing, you should learn the basics and network with seasoned hobbyists. Remember that you shall invest time, money and effort in each bonsai tree you attempt to grow; learning the basics will save you from the hassle and expense plus the heartache of losing your work of art.

What You Can Do

There are three (3) things you can do to reverse the situation:

First, you need to find out, which tree or plant variety can grow indoors;

Second, you should dutifully expose your bonsai trees outdoors, even if you intend to “house” them indoors. In short, you won’t succeed if you will never allow that window of opportunity for plants to experience their natural environment.

Finding which tree or shrub has the potential to survive indoors is a battle halfway-won; however, it is still imperative that you expose it outdoors lest it loses its health and eventually, dies.

Third, deal only with reputable Bonsai dealers who do not pass up the opportunity to coach newbie bonsai enthusiasts like you. After all, your success is very much their own, for how else would they grow their own business if your experience as a bonsai tree grower is met by heartbreak?

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