Bonsai Tree Information: Quick Tips on How to Properly Repot Bonsai

bonsai_tree_0711Have you ever thought of growing a bonsai tree in your home? This natural masterpiece is becoming popular on the internet nowadays that it is necessary to understand some basic concepts on how to grow a bonsai tree.

Mind you, unlike crocheting or working on some crafts, bonsai tree growing is more challenging because you are dealing with a live plant. It has needs that you have to provide in a containerized environment; it is therefore helpful to have a reference guide

Why is there a need to repot bonsai?

According to experts, roots of plants grow larger and longer as the plant grows. As plants, including your bonsai, get nourishment from the soil through their roots, it is necessary that roots of plants and trees are allowed to grow in proportion to their trunk, branches and leaves.In the case of Bonsai, its containerized environment limits the roots in its pot, thus there is little space for the roots to grow. When allowed in this condition for a long time, the roots will suck up all the nutrients from the soil in the pot, and this will endanger the life of your bonsai.Repotting gives you the opportunity to trim the roots and allow new roots to grow. New potting soil will replenish your plant with nutrients it needs in order to survive its limited environment.Thus, it is essential that repotting has to be included in your schedule, at least once every two years; depending on the type of bonsai tree or shrub you are growing, repotting is crucial for its survival.

Here are a few tips:

1. Before you even start repotting your bonsai, gather everything you need, such as: new pots of different sizes, new potting soil, wiring materials, etc. Having everything you need within arm’s length makes repotting easier and more convenient.

2. Prepare your pots and potting soil before you even attempt to repot your bonsai. Your bonsai cannot withstand long exposure to air; repotting should be finished in less than half-hour the most!

3. Never allow the roots of your bonsai to dry. As you repot, make sure that you continuously spray water on the roots to keep them moist.

There you have it!  Enjoy your bonsai.

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