Caring for Bonsai Tree: How Often Should You Fertilize Your Bonsai Tree?

images (22) When I was starting out as a Bonsai hobbyist, I needed all the materials I could find to learn the basics; going mainstream growing a bonsai tree for business and not merely as another hobbyist, I discovered that reference materials written by seasoned bonsai growers always come handy. Thanks to Russell, bonsai techniques for beginners are now conveniently compiled in a book and available online.

Growing a bonsai tree successfully requires the same approaches as growing an ordinary plant – only applied differently. Take fertilizing as example. Most plants and trees need nutrients not directly sourced from the soil, but Bonsai tree growing has different fertilizer requirements.

Most bonsai trees need fertilizers, just like ordinary plants, but too much can be detrimental. One sound advice is to research for your tree’s specific fertilizer needs. Some trees are just not tolerant to too much fertilizing; in fact, most bonsai species would prefer fertilizer applied on their roots LESS OFTEN.

This is where a bonsai reference guide comes handy. Check out Russell Egan’s book if you have time for a more enjoyable and profitable bonsai tree growing experience.

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