How to Breed dogs on Nintendogs

(I’m sorry if it’s harsh, I’m just tired of people asking for it!) Okay this is for all of you who kept asking me for the steps and that they CAN’T WATCH A VIDEO AND LISTEN! I put the video up for a reason and it took a while!: Step 1: they have to do the thing they were doing at 0:03. or just walk beside each other for the whole time they are with you. Step 2: If you have 8 dogs you have to delete two. One for the puppy and the other dog, but if you have both the male and female already you only need to delete one for the puppy. But they have to be alone together. You can do two different breeds or the same breed, every dog can breed! (the colors don’t matter) Step 3: you have to have 99999 Nintendogs Master training points or you can not breed dogs. Step 4: when they walk beside each other; the only things you can do is feed them or give them water, ANYTHING ELSE?! you won’t get a puppy. Step 5: the only thing to get that puppy is if they do the shoulder thingy. the puppy when it’s born is tiny first as an ant and you won’t notice the puppy the first day, but the puppy grows fast! The puppy will be able to stand when born it will act EXACTLY like it’s mother, and your nintendogs will be normal in this stage and will not know they had given birth! ANY QUESTIONS? This is the right way, Girlycandy101’s method? FAKE!!! Trust me I’ve tried it! Please don’t be mean on the comments or else you’ll get blocked and reported! And not just this video ALL of them, same rules even if

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