Bonsai Tree – How to Select your First Bonsai Tree

images (18) I had my first bonsai tree a couple of years ago and now, it is still here with me together with my other bonsai trees. I love bonsai trees. I provide them with proper bonsai care to make them grow beautifully. If you are planning to buy bonsai trees but still don’t know what type to get or which bonsai tree to start with, this article will help you find your very first tree.

I want a bonsai tree and I want to place it indoors, at a table perhaps. Or maybe I want to place it outside so everyone can see it. Bonsai plants can survive in both indoors and outdoors. It just depends on what type of tree you get. If you are planning to buy bonsai trees and put it indoors, trees of the genus Ficus or the family of Fig trees are one of the trees of choice. Other plants such as the Dragon plant, Jade tree, Hawaiian umbrella tree and the holiday cactus could also be chosen. These kinds of plants can thrive and survive indoor conditions. Other tree types on the other hand could not, and so they must be placed outside in its natural environment.

When you have already determined where to put in and what type of tree to get, you can now consider what type of style you want for your bonsai tree. From the simple formal upright style to the more complex growing-in-a-rock style, bonsai trees have many different but each beautiful style.

After you buy bonsai trees of your choice, don’t forget to give it bonsai care. Provide them with adequate nutrition, enough water and sunlight. Give them full attention and be sensitive to their needs so that your bonsai will grow and flourish for many more years to come.

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