Curing Rotten Wood On Bonsai

images (15) One way to prevent rotten wood on Bonsai is by limiting outdoor exposure. Exposure promotes decay that can be very difficult to stop. Over watering a Bonsai can cause the roots to rot even if the Bonsai is not exposed to weather. One should always take care to not over water one’s Bonsai. Sometimes despite all attempts, one may see the dreaded signs of rotten wood on his or her precious Bonsai.

When this happens, one should take immediate steps to repair and protect the damaged area. If one does not correct the problem quickly, the decay can spread increasing the chances of damaging the Bonsai beyond repair.

To remove rotten wood, first scrape the rotted area carefully using a small plastic covered baby spoon. This plastic will also prevent one from damaging their Bonsai further when scraping away the decay. The decayed area will be soft, crumbly wood. It is this wood that you will wish to carefully scrape from your Bonsai.

You will then need to treat your Bonsai with Armillatox. Armillatox is a soap that kills bacteria and fungi. It’s a natural soap that is environmentally friendly and safe enough to use on any type of Bonsai. To treat your Bonsai, just spray Armillatox on and near the damaged area of your Bonsai.

Once the Armillatox has dried, you will need to apply wood hardener on over the damaged area to seal it from moisture.

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