Fundamentals of Bonsai Pruning

images (11) Bonsai Tree Pruning is done to shorted the height of the bonsai tree, remove unwanted bonsai branches as well as shortening others. Basically, techniques used in pruning bonsai tree are the same as with pruning with any other trees.

Bonsai tree pruning is done when you have unwanted material within a bonsai tree like crosses branches, which essentially should be removed. A bonsai tree flows from the inside out, with new growth developing outward in an uncluttered line. All branclets growing inward, toward the trunk of the bonsai tree, should be removed.

However, before cutting off an unwanted bonsai tree branch, be certain it cannot be wired to an area where it is needed.

The best time of the year for bonsai tree pruning is late winter or early spring. As spring can come early or late, you should pay close attention to the change of seasons in your own locale.

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