Introduction to Bonsai Outdoor Trees and Plants

images (14) Basically there are 2 types of bonsai trees. One of them is indoor bonsai trees, which was discussed here, and the other is called outdoor bonsai trees.

Within outdoor bonsai trees category we have evergreen trees (junipers, pines) and deciduous trees, which are bonsai trees that loose their leaves during the fall and would go into dormant stage. These deciduous tree category of the outdoor bonsai tree familty will rebud in Spring.

Because of the nature of such bonsai trees, they normally would not do pretty well indoors for long period of time and thus should be properly protected especially during the winter to guard against freezing.

Some samples of deciduous outdoor bonsai trees are maples (acer, trident),ginko and elms. On the left menu are some of the popular or common outdoor bonsai trees and plants. Click on the links for more information.

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