Herbs in Containers

13 It is no great misforture if you do not have space for a kitchen or vegetable garden. Herbs bring taste and freshness to any kitchen and can be grown in all kinds of containers. In fact, some herbs, such as mint, are best grown in pots to restrict their root run.

There is a huge range of herbs available. You can choose from around varieties of basil (everything from the Italian kind to cinnamon basil, Thai basil, red-leaved basil, and spicy basil) to caraway and fenugreek. Just one or two pots can supply you with an easy-to-grow basic selection. Include French or Italian flat-leaved parsley (much stronger than the curly kind), chives, leafy cilantro coriander, marjoram or oregano, rosemary, and thyme. The annuals, such as basil, are easily grown from seed. Regular plantings over summer keep the kitchen well stocked.


ABOVE: For this attractive packed group of medicinal herbs you need rue, tansy, golden feverfew, and hyssop.


ABOVE: Grow herbs in every available container. For the best show include some tall structural plants, such as rosemary (right).

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