Fresh white

1 Amid the hustle and bustle of the modern world, it is wonderful to have a tranquil area that is easy on the eye and easy on the soul. The all-white planting has long been a favorite. White flowers have an elegant simplicity that is the envy of their more colorful counterparts. What could be easier than to bring this elegance to your garden using pots – either a single container or a whole series?

White also mixes well with all other colors, and with silver and grays it makes a good link between colors that would clash in close proximity. Placing white plants in a corner of a colorful garden instantly transforms that area into a restful haven for you to enjoy. When combined with evergreens, the effect is fresh and clean.


OPPOSITE: The mix of Easter lilies and clipped box lifts this dark corner of a garden.


ABOVE LEFT: This wirework plant holder creates a focal point in a small garden. It contains busy Lizzies, cosmos, pelargoniums, and hydrangeas.


LEFT: Clematis cartmanii is a dwarf evergreen hybrid from New Zealand that flowers in late spring. It makes a graceful white pot plant.

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