How to breed a Golden Chocobo Part 4/4

(Please Read) Due to the lengh of the video I had to split it up. Sorry if it causes any problems… This is my official guide on getting a Gold Chocobo, Gotta say it took me a while so Iam going to go through and put down some of the info I mention in here just so no one gets confused. So pay attention! The monster and Chocobo combination to ensure the kinds of chocobo’s you will need. Good Chocobo Can be found in the Golden Saucer Area The chocobo must be accompanied by Spencer Great Chocobo Can be found in the Mideel area The chocobo must be accompanied by Spiral Wonderful Can be found in the Icicle Inn area Chocobo must be accompanied by Hopper (NOTHING ELSE) Good +Great + A Rank = Blue or Green Blue + Green+ A Rank= Black Black + Wonderful+ A Rank = Gold Remember a Chocobos gender is not determined untill you move it in the stables at the ranch. Overall this little guide took me alot of time to put together

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