Why Should I Landscape my Garden?

There are countless benefits to landscaping a garden, not least your own enjoyment of the outdoor life.

A well-designed garden will add extra space to your home, acting like an extension to your living space and adding value to your life, as well as to your property. The benefits are practical, environmental, financial and social.

The practical benefits of garden landscaping

When landscaping your garden you can factor in features that will bring benefits on a practical level. For example, you could plant trees in strategic positions so as to minimise traffic noise; you could plant bushes or shrubs to enhance privacy and by erecting a fence you can define boundaries, prevent stray animals wandering in and reduce the amount of rubbish that blows into your garden. You could also divide your garden to allow for children’s areas, pets’ areas and of course adults’ areas!

The environmental benefits of garden landscaping

A healthy lawn and a good variety of plants and trees make invaluable environmental resources. Apart from purifying the air by absorbing carbon dioxide, plants also attract wildlife, birds and insects into the garden which all work together to enhance the local biosphere. Everything has a purpose and each link in the chain benefits the environment in its own way.

The financial benefits of garden landscaping

A professionally landscaped and well maintained garden will add value to your home and undertaking a garden landscaping project could bring double the expenditure in terms of added value as well as making a property much easier to sell, especially nowadays where buyers are looking for additional features such as readymade outdoor living. Landscaping your front garden brings particular benefits as this will be the very first thing a prospective buyer will see when viewing your property, and if it looks good, it will leave a lasting impression.

The social benefits of garden landscaping

An outside space in which to entertain; to take lunch with friends, spend quality time with loved ones or watch over the children. A landscaped garden is all of these, and can be designed around your precise needs. It just takes a bit of planning!

There is much to gain from landscaping your garden; getting it done professionally will help too but otherwise strategic planning will count for much. Think about what you want to get out of it, and build your wishes into your garden!

David Smith is the ?D? in D&G Garden World, a company that has been in the gardening and fencing business for over 20 years and offers a comprehensive range of landscape gardening, fencing and turfing services throughout Essex and east London. Buy anything from one roll of turf to all the materials necessary to complete a DIY garden makeover, or take advantage of the expert landscaping, turfing and fencing services provided by D&G. For more information visit http://www.dggardenworld.co.uk

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