Balconies and roofs

13 You can create a container garden right in the heart of the city, using your balcony or roof space. The main decision is whether the aerial garden is to be self-enclosed, screening out the city, or part of the total scene. You can plant a floral haven or you might prefer to use the space for a bright, culinary garden with strawberries and tomatoes, or garlic, basil, and rocket. As with any small garden space, the key to the right look is choosing one particular style and sticking to it. But creating a garden paradise in the air is not easy, at least if you do it yourself. Always call in the experts as drainage, weight, and wind all pose problem. However, once these obstacles are overcome, you can have trees, and shrubs, as well as perennials, herbs, and annuals planted all around the edges of you outdoor space.


ABOVE: simplicity is the key to making a small garden work. Here, the white rail of the balcony is laced with a climber, while white roses in a large planter are offset by catmint.


RIGHT: a good example of how practical needs can be aesthetically pleasing. Low growing plants emphasize the review; tall plants would be flayed by the winds.

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