Seating areas

11 Take the garden right up to the seating area using the most mobile from of gardening: pointed plants. Surround the seats with carefully placed pots and hanging baskets to add bright, colorful show. When the plants flag, replace them with others bloom. The seating area with become part of the whole garden, somewhere to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Include plants with profuse flowers, good shaped, and scent. Summer annuals, especially petunias, meet the first demand, with topiary meeting the second. For scent try forms of Narcissus jonquilla and Hyacinthus orientalis in the spring, followed by lilac, and the dwarf mock orange Philadelphus microphyllus, for midsummer. Small roses such as the crimson ‘Empereur du Maroc’, which grows to 4 ft (1.2m), are also essential. This has its main flower burst in hight summer. One to flower all season is the pink hybrid tea rose ‘Anna Pavlova’, which is slightly smaller. The key to success is that the seating areas are in warm, sheltered spaces where the scents can hang in the air.

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