How Often One Should Water Their Bonsai

images (4) How Often One Should Water Their Bonsai

Bonsai have small and few roots. Under watering them can cause a Bonsai to die quickly because the roots are unable to get the nutrients needed for a healthy plant. Over watering a Bonsai can cause the roots to rot. When one over waters a plant, the roots do not get enough oxygen. This results in damaged roots that can’t support the plant enough to keep it alive. One should always be careful to water their Bonsai so as not to cause damage to the roots.

There is no set routine that one can follow when watering Bonsai. In hotter months, Bonsai will require more watering than in they do in colder months. When it’s raining, there is moisture in the air, which also aids in providing moisture to plants. There is no way one can follow a set watering schedule when it comes to watering Bonsai, because the environment around the Bonsai changes on a daily basis.

To determine when your Bonsai will need watering, examine the soil. If soil that is approximately 1 centimeter deep is dry, then the Bonsai will need watering. If the soil is damp, then one should check the soil the next day to see if it has dried to the depth of 1 centimeter. By allowing the soil to dry between watering, one can ensure that their Bonsai will get the oxygen it needs to stay healthy.

Once the soil is dry at 1-centimeter depth, one should water their Bonsai thoroughly. Do not just sprinkle a bit of water on the top of the soil, but immerse it in water or sprinkle enough water until the soil is completely wet. Allow the pot to drain completely, so that water does not accumulate at the bottom of the pot.

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