Caring for Bonsai

images (3) Caring for Bonsai

Bonsai soil should be a mixture of humus and grit, with ratios being based on the type of Bonsai that you are caring for. For example, needled evergreen trees should have a ratio of 70% humus and 30% grit whereas other treesrequire different ratios of humus and grit. Grit usually consists of fine sand, and some trees, like pine, can be grown in soil that is 100% grit.

Watering is another thing one must do in order to care for Bonsai properly. Some soils will hold water better than others. If there is more humus than sand in the soil then this soil will hold more water than a soil that has more sand than humus. So one must not only consider the type of Bonsai when they water their plants, but also the mixture of the soil.

When watering your Bonsai, you should take care not to disturb the topsoil so that the roots are not exposed. You can do this by gently misting your Bonsai using a spray bottle.

When pruning your Bonsai, you should take care to use tools that are sharp and clean. Sharp tools prevent damage to the cuts, and clean tools ensure that bacteria are not transferred to your Bonsai. Always prune your Bonsai with care, because once you have pruned an area, there’s no replacing it. You can’t fix any mistakes you may make, so always prune when you are in a good mood and when you have quiet time that you can devote to your Bonsai without interruptions.

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