Proper Bonsai Care

images (1) Proper Bonsai Care

Growing Bonsai isn’t as difficult as many may think. If one is patient and attentative then one will not have many problems when caring for his or her new Bonsai. There are types of Bonsai that flourishes better indoors, and there are some types of Bonsai that flourish outdoors. Bonsai care for is the same regardless if a Bonsai is an indoor or outdoor plant.

Adequate lighting is the first thing one should consider when caring for Bonsai. Most outdoor Bonsai would need to be placed in locations where they have direct sunlight in the mornings, and shade in the evenings. Indoor Bonsai should be placed in areas where they get as much morning sunlight as possible, such as a large window that faces the sunrise.

Watering bonsai is another important thing one should focus on when caring for Bonsai. Bonsai live in small containers that hold little water, so the soil dries out quickly. One must always carefully monitor the Bonsai to ensure that it receives adequate watering without over watering the plant. By keeping the soil moist, and not slimy wet, one can ensure that their Bonsai is receiving the proper amount of water.

One should also fertilize their Bonsai. As with any plant, Bonsai also needs extra nutrients if one wants a healthy plant. Your Bonsai deserves the best care possible, so you should always research to see which fertilizer is recommended for your type of Bonsai. If it’s one of the more expensive brands of fertilizer, you should use it regardless of cost because your Bonsai deserves the best care imaginable.

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