Outdoor Landscape Ideas

Many homeowners are envisioning outdoor landscape ideas even though it is still cold throughout most of the country. The best time for creating these outdoor landscape ideas is now, not only in our heads but also on paper. We want our new outdoor garden setting to be perfectly designed before spring arrives. This does not have to be a massive project but we do need to map everything out in order to solve any upcoming problems.

Some of us have small backyards along with small front yards. There are several things that can be created in small yards we just need to use the space wisely. Now is the time to do a little homework by looking through garden magazines or landscape magazines for those landscape garden ideas that you have already envisioned. Start clipping out all of the things you would like in the backyard garden and your front yard. Not everything may work for your particular yard but you are now one step ahead of the game. And do not forget the hardscapes that you already have and want to keep such as any fencing, decks, or patios.  

Once you have all the outdoor landscaping pictures cut out you will want to organize them in a file and tagged as outdoor landscape lighting ideas, outdoor deck designs, plants, outdoor fire pit landscaping, hardscapes, and so forth. Every outdoor landscape project always starts with a design plan. The frustrating part will be to keep in mind the area you have to work with and where you are going to put everything you want.

All these landscape design ideas may be quite extravagant but we have a small area to work with and we need to be truthful with ourselves. If we want to have rocks and boulders we may have to settle with a few rocks, and more stones and pebbles. That beautiful flower garden that was pictured in one of the magazines may have to be smaller or we need to replace the rock garden. If our garden space is not large enough for that pond we can substitute with a water fountain, we will still get the sound of running water. Our particular lifestyle and how we want to live in our garden will determine what garden accessories to use.  

Maybe that flower garden we saw pictured is too large for our space; all we need to do is start planting our bulbs and plants in raised beds. Placing some outdoor landscaping plants into containers will take up less space. They are great for terrace landscaping and they can be moved around to any area of the garden where they fit the best.   

When we design our outdoor landscape for our small space we also need to think about the colors we will be using. The cooler colors such as the blues will make our gardens look larger than they really are. The blue spruce evergreen will give the impression of being very large. We can still use many of the other colors of the rainbow but if we use more of these cooler colors our gardens will look much larger.  

If the landscape spaces have a small nook or corner, or raised bed of flowers, we can still incorporate in a small rock garden. We just need to select the plants and rocks that are complimentary; this means the selected plants will not overpower the area and cover the rocks.  

When creating the design for your small garden area use smaller features and cool colors to augment the outdoor landscaping. You want your outdoor landscape to be unique and the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying friends and family for a long time.

Barbara E. Volkov is retired and enjoys being at home and tinkering in the garden. She and her husband are always learning new things to do in the garden and our outdoor landscape. For some interesting ideas about gardening and accessories please visit the website Gardeners Garden Supplies.

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