How to Take Care of Bonsai Trees

images (6) In this modern era, bonsai trees are used to decorate empty corner of the house. They add charm to the interior of a house. Many people want to decorate their house with this tree but they back off just because they don’t know how to take care of bonsai tree. Well, the answer is simple, you have to consider few things and implement the guidelines as given to you.

Some of the major aspects which must be considered by you are soil, watering, pruning and shaping.

One of the biggest considerations in maintaining your bonsai is soil. Watering, transpiration, rooting and feeding of bonsai depends upon the quality of the soil. You should fertilize your bonsai with a water-soluble fertilizer at least once per month during the growing season. Apply fertilizer on wet soil. Selection of fertilizer depends upon the species of bonsai tree.

In order to take good care of bonsai tree, you must understand the importance of watering. Water is essential for every living organism. Most bonsai tree die due to dehydration.  Lack of watering causes dehydration. So, watering is required for maintaining your bonsai tree. The most confusing question which arises in the mind of many people regarding watering is how often they water their bonsai trees. It’s so simple; water your tree when you see the soil is drying out. Remember, over-watering is harmful for the tree.

In pruning, two types of pruning are considered, branch pruning and root pruning. Spring is the most suitable season for branch pruning. You must remove the excess branches. As the time goes by, the tree becomes root bound. The roots must also be pruned properly. You must re-pot your bonsai tree after every two or three years.

To grow bonsai into an art form you must know about bonsai tree wiring. It is an advanced skill which cannot be performed by everyone easily. For controlling the direction of the branches, only desirable branches are wired. Wiring can give you a desirable shape if done correctly but it can also damage the whole tree if it is done incorrectly.

After going through above mentioned information, you must have a clear idea about how to take care of bonsai tree. All the above mentioned information might seem a lot but they are effective and result oriented. By following the above mentioned tips you will assure yourself a healthy and attractive bonsai tree in some corner of your house which will add more attraction towards the decoration of your house.

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