What tools do I need to start doing Bonsai? Part 2

tải xuống (3) What tools do I need to start doing Bonsai? Part 2

“The Knob Cutter – The knob cutter is a valuable addition to any bonsai tool kit, despite the fact that it is used much less frequently than concave pruners or the bud scissors. The cutting blades are shaped like two halves of a sphere coming together. This allows the tool bite into wood aggressively. Protruding stubs are easily nibbled away by the knob cutter. An additional use is the removal of undesirable root or trunk material around a partially removed tap root. This particularly aggressive nibbling ability easily removes things underneath the trunk where lack of space would otherwise make it difficult to use other tools. All your implements should be protected by carefully avoiding blade contact with soil or anything that may contain some hard particles such as sand, grit or stone.

The Root Hook – Soil removal and the untangling of roots is a regular chore when re-potting. When the bonsai artist is working with medium to large size material the need for a more efficient and substantial tool than a chopstick (often used for smaller trees) arises. A variety of root hooks are available. Single point tools are better at getting the job done with minimal damage. Multi point tools are slightly better for soil removal, but often tend to do some fine root damage.

The Root Cutter – A number of tools can perform the needed cuts and this includes concave pruners. However, the risk of damage to the tools is high due to the likelihood of small stones getting caught in your blades. Root cutters have thicker blade construction that is generally more resistant to damage.

Other Tools – Beyond the basic instruments there are numerous other tools and devices that can be useful in certain circumstances. Among these are saws, brushes, tweezers, pliers for jinn and wiring, gouges and other carving tools, jacks and bending levers. Purchase of these items is best reserved when it is clear that they are needed to justify the cost. nfd♥”

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