What tools do I need to start doing Bonsai? Part 1

tải xuống (2) What tools do I need to start doing Bonsai? Part 1

“Proper tools are an essential part of any serious bonsai growers arsenal. Bonsai tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and all have their specific function designed specifically to be used with bonsai trees. Here we aim to cover the main types to give you an idea of the tools you may require if you are thinking of growing your bonsai and getting serious about it.

The Concave Pruner – Perhaps the single most important is the concave pruner, the main function of which is to remove branches in a way that promotes rapid and aids smooth healing of the wound. The name comes from the shape of the cut and of the wound left on the trunk or branch. When used properly, the concave pruner leaves a wound that is taller than it is wide and also slightly concave. The concave pruner wound makes use of the fact that in nature the wounds on the trunk of trees heal in from the sides rather than from the top and bottom. By creating a concave wound, it is allowed to callous over without creating a bump on the trunk which is undesirable. A general rule of thumb is never to cut material that is larger than one half of the size of the pruner’s cutting edge when measured from tip to heel.

Bud Scissors – Bud scissors are the best for trimming small branches, buds and leaves. The short blades and finger holes allow for excellent control, enabling trimming with precision. Whilst mainly used for delicate work, the short blades gives great cutting power when needed. Also, when the blades of the bud-scissors are closed, the handles remain apart. This is good because it helps stop inadvertent crushing of other parts of the bonsai.

Wire Cutters – Training bonsai usually involves the use of wire to both position and shape trunk and branches. Wire cutters commonly available from local hardware stores are adequate for cutting wire for application to the bonsai, but this is not the case when cutting the wire to remove it. This is because the training wire is in close contact with the trunk or limb. Therefore just the tip of the wire cutter is being used to sever the wire, otherwise the branch may be badly damaged. Bonsai wire cutters have very short cutting blades, which greatly increases the mechanical advantages.”

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