Thanksgiving Bonsai

tải xuống (1) Thanksgiving Bonsai

In my quest for a story for Thanksgiving, I researched ‘Thanksgiving Bonsai’ and came up empty handed as to a specific product.

But one of the thoughts that surfaced was a Thanksgiving center piece for your Thanksgiving table. That’s a great idea, I thought! But then again, I am male and I have no decorative creativity.

Even though I am decorative challenged, I came up with a thought or two that might enhance the centerpiece. Adding a cranberry string to the branches or surrounding it with the gold, tan and brown leaves of the dwindling foilage season. Possible a few pine cones in the the pot and surrounding the tree with a few more.

For those of you who have better creative genes, I’m sure you will come up with many, many more ideas. Even though it’s not Christmas, maybe a few miniature Christmas bulbs. No wait! I’ll write about that in a few weeks.

The only thing that I would be careful with is bringing an outside plant to the inside, then taking it back outside…..if the weather is extremely cold and inclement where you live. Drastic changes are not good for people, dogs or bonsai trees

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