Bonsai: Patience and Prudence

tải xuống Bonsai: Patience and Prudence

Bonsai:  Patience and Prudence

In the 1950s, there were two young sisters who had a hit song or two.  Their names were Patience and Prudence, and although their careers were very brief, they left an impression on me.

Maybe it was their names, Patience and Prudence, that stayed with me over these many years.  Not only did I like the music of Patience and Prudence, I also heeded the advice that their name suggested. I have factored patience and prudence into many parts of my life.  This to include the training of bonsai.

Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a bonsai.  Patience is a keyword.  It takes years, maybe decades to build a perfect bonsai.  Prudence too, is important particularly in paring down the plant.  Trimming a little at a time is far preferable than lopping off big chunks.

The combination of patience and prudence should fare well for you.  And after all, you and your plant have a lifetime ahead of you.

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