Bonsai: How To Care – Tools

images (3) Bonsai: How To Care – Tools

Without the correct tool set you wont be able to do much. Below you find an overview of the things you absolutely need before starting with the cultivation of bonsai trees.

  • Scissors and cutters:
    The are the basic instruments of a bonsai grower. It’s used for snippng leaves, cutting branches & roots, splitting trunks and so on. Also a wire cutter should be present in every bonsai tool set.
  • Wire:
    Wires are used to shape the bonsai the way you want. Learn more about how to use wire in Bonsai: How to care guide.
  • Soil:
    Without soil no life! Simple as that. Good bonsai soil is ussually a mix of fast-draining components. It should support the grow of roots and must contain sufficient nutrients to support the growth. The quality of the soil is one of the most important factors to keep the bonsai healthy.
  • Pots:
    Things you should take into account when choosing a bonsai pot are the size. As a rule of thumb the pot depth should be equal to the diameter of the trunk just above soil level. Also think about a shape, colour and texture that fits the bonsai tree before buying.

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