Bonsai: How To Care – Maintenance

images (2) Bonsai: How To Care – Maintenance

As opposed to what most people think caring for bonsai trees is not that hard if you know what you are doing. When you know the basic rules and know how to maintain your bonsai there is a fairly high chance to succeed. All you need to know is explained in this Bonsai How To Care Guide.

  • Watering:
    Water is the source of all life and even more so for bonsai. But watch out to not overwater. When you water to much you risk that to roots will start to rot which will lead to the death of your bonsai. The amount and frequence depends on several factors like the species and the size of the tree. Touch to soil with your finger to feel if it’s time to water or not.
  • Pruning:
    It’s important to prune during spring to create a dense foliage. It’s important to prune the top of the tree regulary to keep the bonsai small in size.
  • Repotting:
    Bonsai trees are grown in (too) small pots. To keep your tree healthy you should replace the earth and repot once every 2 years. While you do this you can also prune the roots so the tree doesn’t grow too big.
  • Fertilizing:
    Because bonsai are usually planted in small containers they do not always find enough nutricients in the ground. Fertilizing once in a while will help their growth and keep them healthy.

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