Bonsai: How To Care – Sources

images (1) Bonsai trees are grown in a way that they remain small but have an old, realistic look. So you don’t ‘grow a bonsai but you shape one from a normal tree. You can start from seeds orcuttings to see faster results. Below you’ll find an overview of the methods used to start. For a more in-depth explanation and more specific details for the different bonsai species have a look at Bonsai How To Care Guide.

  • Seeds:
    Growing bonsai trees from the seeds takes the longest time to develop. The good thing about this method is that you control the grow process from the beginning. Planting the seeds in autumn yields the best results but isn’t always necessary. To have the biggest chance on success it’s best if seeds are used from your own natural environment. Place the pot in a sunny spot after sowing sheltered from the wind. Keep the earth moist but not wet.
  • Propagation:
    Two methods can be used here, start from cuttings or layering.
    When using cutting a part of a plant or tree is cut off and placed in fertile soil. Younger cutting tend to stike roots more easily while with thick cuttings it’s faster to grow an old looking bonsai.
    With layering a part of a plant is encouraged growing roots while it’s still attached to the plant. After rooting the branch is cut of from the parent plant.
  • Collecting:
    Another way to start growing your own bonsai is by collecting material from it’s original, natural environment. The best time to do is is spring. This method is called Yamadori in Japan and means collecting material from forest or montains.

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