Care of Indoor Bonsai Trees

Care of Indoor Bonsai Trees

Special Tips for Indoor Plants

Indoor bonsai trees have different needs than outdoor bonsais do. Since it’s not outside, you’ll need to be responsible for positioning it in a place within your home where there’s plenty of sunlight. Don’t leave the indoor bonsai tree in one position, but turn it from time to time to allow all sides the opportunity to soak up the sun. The bonsai pots that you plant your indoor bonsai tree in should be filed with rich fertilizer since the plant won’t be able to thrive in an environment that provides natural nutrients in the ground. You can buy special bonsai food to add to the soil.
Along with food, you’ll want to make sure your indoor bonsai tree is well cared for in the water department when the soil feels dry. Don’t use shockingly cold water – make sure it’s room temperature. You may want to use a moisture meter to help you maintain a proper watering schedule.
Instead of pouring water into the planter, some bonsai enthusiasts prefer to place the planter inside a bowl filled with water and let the bonsai soak up the necessary amount to help it thrive. After about 15 minutes, they take the bonsai out of the water, dry the planter, and return it to its place in the sun.
Pruning your indoor bonsai tree is a round the clock requirement. In the summer, it may grow more than in the winter, fall, or spring seasons. As you prune the indoor bonsai, clip the newly sprouted shoots once they’re approximately three-quarters of an inch long.
As the indoor bonsai tree’s roots expand to fill the current planter, you’ll want to repot the tree to one that can sustain a little more growth. Not only will you be pruning the shoots, but you’ll also be pruning the roots back as well.

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