Windswept Bonsai Sculpture

Windswept Bonsai Sculpture

How about a permanent bonsai?

Windswept Bonsai Tree Sculpture

This one-of-a-kind tree sculpture is created by prominent artist Sal Villano and is fashioned with wire gage sizes ranging from 32-18. The wire used is brown anodized aluminum wire which will retaine its color and strength for many years. The tree sculpture is bonded onto its base, which is a glazed ceramic bonsai container,using sea sand. Since the bond is made of a pourous material, a water soluable glue is used and, therefore, the sculpture should never be placed in water. Clean your tree sculpture with a damp, soft, lint-free cloth.
Potted in a 4.5" red/tan rectangle container as shown.
16" x 12" x 17".

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